VSI Fortran for OpenVMS is an implementation of the Fortran programming language that supports the FORTRAN 66, FORTRAN 77, Fortran 90, and Fortran 95 standards. VSI Fortran 95/90 and VSI Fortran 77 fully support the following standards: ANSI X3.9-1966 (FORTRAN 66), ANSI X3.9-1978 (FORTRAN 77), ISO 1539-1980(E) (FORTRAN 77), MIL-STD-1753, FIPS-69-1. VSI Fortran 95/90 supports all of the standards that VSI Fortran 77 supports plus the following standards: ANSI X3.198-1992 (Fortran 90) and ISO/IEC 1539-1:1997(E) (Fortran 95).

Please see the Software Product Description for the full list of features.

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  • For Integrity servers, the license is a Concurrent Use license. Version update licenses are not available for the Integrity servers platform. Rights to use future revisions of VSI Fortran are available only through a Support Agreement or through a new license purchase.
  • For AlphaServer systems, the license to use VSI Fortran is included in the ALPHA-LP license.