Key Managers

We aspire to set ourselves apart through our outstanding products and services. Our mission can only be achieved by virtue of the exceptional talent and craftsmanship of our skilled developers, content creators, and their managers.

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Who are we?

VMS Software's management team includes members with deep roots in OpenVMS, going back to the days of Digital Equipment Corporation, and more recent OpenVMS devotees from other industries. What the management unequivocally shares is an absolute passion for solving customer challenges.

Dave Sweeney

Chief Executive Officer

Dave brings more than 20 years of experience in the software field at companies including Digital Equipment Corporation and Hewlett-Packard as Head of Support and Chief Customer Advocate.

John Ross

Vice President of GTM Strategy and Revenue Enablement

John is responsible for shaping and leading our modernization efforts across multiple corporate functions, including Marketing, Client Engagement, Quote to Cash and acquisition integration. Over a distinguished 30 year career in Sales, Client Success and Revenue Operations, John has gained experience while working for the likes of IBM, Sterling Commerce and Trillium Software.

Jan Magnusson

Vice President of Account Management and Sales

Meeting and talking to customers as well as understanding how VMS Software’s offering of products and services can provide value to users of OpenVMS is the responsibility of our Account Management and Sales team. Jan and a team of seven dedicated account managers spend all of their time reaching out to our customers to provide them with guidance on how to get the most out of their OpenVMS based application investments, how to migrate to OpenVMS 9.2 and many other topics. The account management teams are located in our offices in Boston and Copenhagen to optimize availability in all time zones. Based in Copenhagen, Jan has a solid background of international sales and general management working for both large multinational companies as well as small entrepreneurial organization.

Darya Zelenina

Appointed CEO

Darya will assume the role of CEO in June 2024. She joined VMS Software as a technical writer and OpenVMS instructor in 2017 and has since held key leadership positions in software and web development, documentation, the Community Program and Marketing. Darya brings extensive expertise in OpenVMS and the OpenVMS ecosystem, coupled with deep commitment to shaping the platform's long-term trajectory.

Clair Grant

Chief Technical Officer

Clair is responsible for driving the technical strategy of the company. Clair brings over 40 years of experience in operating systems development and has worked at Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq Computer, and Hewlett-Packard before joining the company.

Dr. Brett Cameron

Director of Application Services

Brett is charged with defining and driving the strategy for OpenVMS application services. Brett brings over 30 years of experience in the field focusing on distributed systems, transaction processing, integration, and legacy software environment modernization, while working at Hewlett-Packard and the University of Canterbury.

Debbee West

Support Manager

Debbee is responsible for the delivery of a high quality customer support experience; orchestrating the front line and vastly experienced backline technical experts of which she is a highly valued member. Debbee provides a focal point for escalation management and customer advocacy. She worked for Digital Equipment Corportation, Compaq Computers and Hewlett Packard Enterprise for over 30 years before coming to VSI 5 years ago.