Application Services

Many OpenVMS users run large, complex, business-critical, custom-written software applications on their systems. While these applications continue to function well and fulfill the purpose for which they were initially developed, OpenVMS users are today being faced with various challenges associated with the ongoing maintenance and support of these business-critical application environments.

There is an increasing need to integrate these systems with other application environments along with 3rd party software components used by these custom applications that are no longer available or unsupported. It can in some cases be difficult to find software engineers with the right skills to maintain and support these aging applications.

VMS Software Inc. can help you to address these challenges by providing the following services:

Integration services

We can help you to design and build interfaces between your OpenVMS application environment and other systems, leveraging both commercial and open source integration technologies. We will work with you and your architects to recommend and design the integration solutions that best meet your specific requirements. We can provide skilled engineers to work with you to implement and test these solutions.

Application modernization

It is often possible to enhance and modernize existing OpenVMS-based applications through the introduction of new software technologies. This might include the replacement of proprietary products with open source equivalents or the introduction of new tools to help streamline and modernize the software development process such that it is easier for younger developers or developers with limited OpenVMS experience to work more productively on your OpenVMS application code.

Application maintenance and support

Many OpenVMS users with large custom-written applications no longer have sufficient software development expertise in-house to maintain and support these applications and can find it difficult or expensive to find suitably skilled developers or service providers. VMS Software Inc. is able to provide a cost-effective specialized application maintenance and support services for custom-written OpenVMS-based software applications that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Application review

Regardless of whether you are considering moving to OpenVMS on x86-64 in the future or staying with your existing VAX, Alpha, or Itanium platforms, it is important to have a top-to-bottom understanding of your application environment. Our consultants can work with you to perform a detailed review of the overall application environment and make recommendations with regard to any improvements that might be possible. The duration and scope of the review can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and can focus in more detail on specific aspects of the environment if necessary. This service may be a logical precursor to one or more of the other services described above.