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Welcome to the VMS Software Consulting Services page. VSI Consulting Services provides both onsite and remote installation and configuration of VSI OpenVMS on VAX (limited), AlphaServer, Integrity, and soon x86 hardware platforms. We can customize statements of work to address nearly any OpenVMS environment requirements on a time & materials or fixed-cost basis.

If you are professional services provider, we invite you to apply for membership in the VSI Professional Services Alliance.

Consulting Offerings

The following are some (but not all) of the offerings that VSI's consulting services may include. Our consulting team is comprised of our internal staff, including our Applications and Open Source Services team, in conjunction with a wide network of VPSA consultants. VSI shall manage all contract administration for all engagements we are involved in:

  • Software/Hardware migration - including planning for migration of customer Alpha systems to VSI OpenVMS on x86.

  • Business Continuity (BC) - we leverage proven BC methodologies to offer a complete spectrum of business continuity services, including but not limited, to vulnerability analysis of existing BC architectures, strategic planning, compliance, and disaster recovery consulting.

  • VSI OpenVMS Installations & configurations - Who better to consult on installing and configuring OpenVMS for your custom environment than the same experts who developed OpenVMS. Our consulting team is in close communications with our OS engineering group, giving them the kind of inside knowledge that makes all the difference in OpenVMS installation and configuration projects.

  • Performance tuning - Like our installation and configuration services, VSI's performance and tuning consultants can not only advise customers as to the best documented methods for increasing performance, they can also tap our OS engineering team to provide inside knowledge about undocumented methods for increased performance. Furthermore, where appropriate, our consulting teams may also recommend OS updates and patches that could materially improve customers' specific performance requirements.

  • Troubleshooting/Crash Dump Analysis

  • Capacity planning

  • Security Analysis

  • Open Source Consulting - VSI's deep expertise in porting open source tools and components to OpenVMS also allows us to consult on those very same components. For example: Apache, gSoap, PHP, TCP/IP, etc.

  • Legacy Services - VSI can provide VAX and Alpha customers with a truly robust spectrum of legacy offerings, while customers wait for VSI to complete VSI OpenVMS for x86-64. VSI has unmatched, in-house OpenVMS software expertise. We also have a network of partners who can provide a complete set of hardware support services, including our partner Nemonix Engineering. Nemonix manufacturers new SCSI drives (including solid state SCSI drives), refreshed / rebuilt VAX and Alpha systems, 20X faster networking for VAX, and all kinds of NIC and HBAs for Alpha. VSI is the clearinghouse for all OpenVMS legacy services and products.

  • Enterprise Architecture - These services are for customers with supremely complex projects, requiring experts who have done this sort of thing before, and know where the hidden gotchas are. This service helps customers organize and plan the project before actual execution, to ensure maximum chance of success, and ensure that the project is on course during execution.

Where Can I Get Service?

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