OpenVMS – A guide to the strategy and roadmap

This page lists our milestones and plans in the development and support of OpenVMS.

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VSI OpenVMS Software Product Roadmap Highlights

VMS Software is moving the OpenVMS ecosystem to industry standard x86 servers that enables customers to deploy applications on widely used hypervisors and in the cloud. VMS Software provides services and support to keep mission critical environments operational and available.


This information contains forward looking statements and is provided solely for your convenience. The below information is based on our current best estimates and is subject to change without notice.

When making plans for migration, please contact us directly on the Contact page or send us an email to We recommend you also to fill out this form to help us better understand your system requirements.

OpenVMS V9.X-X (Production Releases – x86-64)

Support for additional platforms, features, and enhancements will be provided in releases following V9.2.

VSI OpenVMS Software Rolling Roadmap

H2 CY2023

OpenVMS V9.2-2
  • Cloud support and security improvements
  • Oracle Linux KVM hypervisor support
  • VMware vMotion support
  • VMDirectPath I/O (FC Passthrough) support on VMWare ESXi
Layered and open-source products
  • Native BLISS, COBOL, and BASIC compilers for x86
  • ActiveMQ (x86)
  • ANT (Another Neat Tool; x86)
  • AXIS2 (x86)
  • DECset LSE (Language-Sensitive Editor; x86)
  • Enterprise Directory (X.500) field test on x86
  • gSOAP (x86)
  • OpenJDK 8u372 (IA64; x86)
  • Python 3.10 and Python Wheels (x86)
  • Rivet (x86)
  • SQLRelay Client API (x86)
  • Tomcat 8.5.89 (IA64; x86)
  • XML_C (XML-C++; x86)
  • VMSSPI (x86)

H1 CY2024

OpenVMS V9.2-1 and V9.2-2
  • Cumulative defect repair kits
Layered and open-source products
  • ACMS field test (x86)
  • DECset SCA (Source Code Analyzer; x86)
  • OSAP (OSAP H1, S7, AP; x86)
  • WSIT (Web Services Integration Toolkit; x86)

Prior VSI OpenVMS Releases

June 2023 V9.2-1
December 2022 V9.2 Update Kit 2
October 2022 V9.2 Update Kit 1
July 2022 V9.2 for x86
April 2022 E9.2 Field Test for x86
November 2021 V9.1-A Update Kit 1
September 2021 V9.1-A Field Test for x86
July/August 2021 V9.1 Update Kits 1 & 2
June 2021 V9.1 Field Test for x86
April 2021 V8.4-2L3 for Integrity
April 2021 V9.0-H Limited EAK for x86
February 2021 V9.0-G Limited EAK for x86
December 2020 V9.0-F Limited EAK for x86
October 2020 V9.0-E Limited EAK for x86
August 2020 V9.0-D Limited EAK for x86
July 2020 V9.0-C Limited EAK for x86
June 2020 V9.0-B Limited EAK for x86
May 2020 V9.0-A Limited EAK for x86
May 2020 V9.0 Limited EAK for x86

VSI OpenVMS Support Roadmap

VSI OpenVMS Integrity & x86 Support Roadmap:

Integrity and x86 Support Roadmap

VSI OpenVMS Alpha & VAX Support Roadmap:

Alpha and VAX Support Roadmap

Last reviewed: 09/05/2023