Increasing uptime and availability by bringing cluster technology to non-cluster-aware applications

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ServiceControl (OSC) for VSI OpenVMS provides a management availability framework for any type of software application running on an OpenVMS cluster. It can manage both cluster-aware and non-cluster-aware applications. Using OSC, it is possible to make non-cluster-aware applications highly available to users with minimal effort.

OSC can monitor applications and their required resources such that if the cluster member on which an application is running fails or if a required resource becomes unavailable, OSC can relocate or restart the application on another cluster node. Any hardware or software entity can be defined a resource, including disks, file systems, NICs, IP addresses, databases, middleware, and any other type of software application. OSC includes several standard resource management agents for common resource types, and new agents can be readily created for specific applications and resources using template command procedures in conjunction with the programmable API provided with the product. In addition to the OpenVMS-based software components of OSC, the product also provides a Windows-based graphical user interface for managing and monitoring various aspects of the OSC environment.

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