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Moving from Rdb to Oracle RDBMS

This large educational institute wanted to change its Student Management System database from Oracle Rdb to Oracle RDBMS hosted on Linux in order to better facilitate integration and standardisation with other systems. As the migration was to be performed incrementally over several months with periodic refreshes of data to the target Oracle RDBMS database, tools were developed to automate various aspects of the data synchronisation and migration process, including a powerful "data pump" utility that could be used to create and update database structures such as tables and indexes in the target Oracle RDBMS database based on metadata read from the source Oracle Rdb database, and automate the transformation and transfer data from the Rdb database into Oracle RDBMS. This approach allowed data to be migrated with minimal disruption to the existing operational environment and made final cutover to the new database environment seamless. In addition to migrating the application data from Oracle Rdb to Oracle RDBMS, application code was modified in a semi-automated manner to convert embedded RDML and some of the surrounding logic into Oracle PL/SQL stored procedures.

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The primary benefit to the customer was a cost-effective solution to the database conversion that included features specifically tailored to their particular situation and requirements. The alternative would have been to utilise an off-the-shelf product to help facilitate the database migration work, however it would then have been necessary to develop additional components to address specific requirements. By developing a custom solution, it was possible to address all requirements with one simple-to-use tool, the development cost of which was only a small fraction of the overall project cost.