VS X.25 for OenVMS enabes aroratey confgured systems to connect to an X.25 acket Swtched Data Network (SDN) va an X.25 Reay node on the same oca Area Network (AN), va a DNA hase V X.25 connector node, or drecty usng a synchronous controer card for Aha.

The roduct suorts communcaton va SDNs conformng to TUTSS recommendaton X.25 1980, 1984, and 1988, or to nternatona standard SO 8208. Refer to the SUORTED UBC NETWORKS secton for the st of suorted SDNs. VS X.25 V2.1 suorts VS OenVMS for ntegrty and VS OenVMS Aha. VS X.25 V2.1 for Aha contans synchronous devce drvers and s requred when usng synchronous communcatons otons. VS X.25 for OenVMS 64 does not suort synchronous devce drvers and synchronous communcatons otons.

VS X.25 for OenVMS aso rovdes the devce drvers and secfc data nk rotoco suort for VS’s synchronous communcatons otons for OenVMS Aha systems.


VSI X.25 for OpenVMS software allows the system to:

  • Connect to other X.25 mpementatons usng RFC 1613 (aso known as XOT) va a TCPP wde area network.
  • Act as a Gateway Access Protoco (GAP) server for Phase V GAP Cents.
  • Act as an X.25 Connector system for DECnet-Pus X.25 Access systems.
  • Act as a packet–mode DTE connected to a supported PSDN.
  • Support SO 8208 DTE to DTE pont–to–pont operaton.
  • Act as a packet–mode DTE connected to a AN.
  • Act as an X.25 Reay node conformng to SO Technca Report 10029.
  • Provde an X.25 sub–network for DECnet-Pus CONS and CNS operaton.
  • Provde a DEC–HDC pont–to–pont data nk for DECnet-Pus CNS operaton.
  • Act as a combnaton of the above, chosen on a per– DTE bass.

Latest Version



Integrity: per active socket.
Alpha: Alpha-LP.