Web Services Integration Toolkit (WSIT)

Web Services Integration Toolkit

The Web Services Integration Toolkit (WSIT) for HP OpenVMS is an extensible API-level technology that facilitates the integration of new or existing code written in 3GL languages with Java. It generates Java beans and C language wrapper code that can be used to construct interfaces to 3GL code and to ACMS. The toolkit also includes a runtime component that can be used to facilitate and manage IPC-based communication between Java code and the backend API in a client-server fashion (out of-process deployment). The runtime environment provides security features (SYSUAF-based and ACMS authentication), and supports basic tuning functionality to allow applications to be scaled as appropriate. Alternatively, wrapped API code can be called directly from Java code via JNI (in-process deployment).


WSIT offers the following features:

  • Powerful code generation facility
  • Uses Apache Velocity
  • Velocity templates for a variety of scenarios
  • Sample templates can be defined
  • Tools understand OpenVMS data types and argument passing mechanisms
  • Runtime understands concepts such as processes, threading, and inter-process communication on OpenVMS
  • ICC-based IPC or direct JNI calls
  • Process/server pooling
  • SYSUAF-based and ACMS authentication

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