A tool that systematically captures, consolidates, and creates a timeline view of important OpenVMS performance statistics.

Pulling from several independent yet cooperating sources, T4 lets you create a relatively compact composite timeline view of the day-to-day performance of each important OpenVMS node. The statistics are collected by leveraging different collectors. The output of a T4 collection is a two-dimensional table formatted as a comma separated value (CSV) file. The CSV files and the binary (.DAT) files, generated by collectors such as MONITOR and FC_MON, are packaged into a ZIP file. The data in the CSV files is interpreted using analyzers. Collections include:

The collected T4 data can be viewed with TLViz (Time Line Visualizer), a graphical viewer for the Microsoft Windows platform, or an HTML page can be generated from it using the CSVPNG tool.

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Freeware - no license required (Integrity and Alpha)