SSMgr (Save Set Manager)

The Save Set Manager for OpenVMS is a product that reduces the time used to create OpenVMS BACKUP save sets, while providing greater flexibility in save set management.

OpenVMS BACKUP users have had a rich set of options and a high level of data integrity available at the cost of greater down time during the backup operation.

SSMgr runs as a post-processor on save sets created by BACKUP, or other storage management software that conforms to the BACKUP save set structure. It allows some functions that are currently done online with BACKUP, such as checking the integrity of save sets, making multiple copies of a save set, and XOR or cyclic redundancy checking (CRC), to be done offline using SSMgr. SSMgr does not replace OpenVMS BACKUP for creating or restoring save sets.

SSMgr supports a DCL interface and all disk and tape technologies supported by OpenVMS systems.


VSI Saveset manager provides the following benefits:

Latest Version

Alpha Integrity X86
1.9-4 1.9-4 1.9-4


Integrity: per active socket.