Roadmap Update

December 2020 Roadmap (Download)

October, 2020

Dear VMS Nation,

VSI is announcing two roadmap changes. After analysis of customer requirements and feedback and in order to more effectively focus engineering resources, VSI will no longer offer OpenVMS V9.2 on Alpha and IA64. OpenVMS V9.2 will support x86 only.

Please note that this announcement does not mean that Alpha and IA64 customers will not receive new functionality on those server platforms. VSI will continue to update the VSI OpenVMS V8.4-X base with new features such as the recently announced OpenJDK 8, Samba, Apache, OpenSSL, CRTL improvements, and more. The new Open Source GFS2 file system will be enabled on IA64 and Alpha (subject to customer demand).

Note that mixed architecture clusters with VSI OpenVMS V9.2 for x86 and earlier OpenVMS releases of IA64 and Alpha will be supported

VSI will deliver one more complete release on IA64 to consolidate defect repair and enable the P441 12Gb Smart Array IO card on i6 platforms. This release will be called OpenVMS V8.4-2L3 and is expected to be available Q4 2020. VSI will then periodically deliver Update Kits with defect repair and new functionality that can be applied to OpenVMS V8.4-2L3 for IA64.

As VSI develops OpenVMS on x86, we have adopted a delivery model which provides improvements in the operating system and associated software components to customers and partners as soon as they are ready. This means that for the Early Adopter Kit releases (V9.0 and V9.1), we expect to release new updates on a monthly or bi-monthly basis with functional and stability improvements along with expanded customer participation. It is our intent that this delivery model will improve predictability of delivery and proper feature prioritization by tightening the feedback loop between VSI and our customers and partners.

The second roadmap change is a shift in the TCP/IP network stack strategy. Our focus has been on developing VSI TCPIP, based on the Process Software Multinet code base, as a replacement for VSI TCPIP Services for OpenVMS. However, VSI has decided to change direction and is planning new releases of VSI TCPIP Services for OpenVMS for Alpha, Integrity, and x86 to allow customers to maintain their current network configuration if they choose. These new releases will consolidate existing ECO kits and will provide updated cryptography in SSH, SFTP, and SCP. VSI will provide schedule details on new VSI TCPIP Services releases as our plans solidify.

Customers who are interested in the features offered by the Multinet TCPIP network stack should contact Process Software directly.

A summary of the updated VSI OpenVMS operating system roadmap is as follows. See roadmap slide deck for details:

H2 2020 - OpenVMS V9.0-X EAK released monthly (first release May 15 2020)

H1 2021 - OpenVMS V9.1 EAK for x86

H2 2021 - OpenVMS V9.2 production release for x86

Click here for state of the x86 port updates

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