A structured programming language that conforms to the American National Standard ANSI/IEEE770X3.97-1989 (ANSI) and the International Standard ISO 7185-1989 (ISO).

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Pascal is the OpenVMS implementation of the Pascal language that accepts programs compatible with either level of the ISO specification for Programming languages – Pascal ([ISO 7185-1987]) as well as (ANSI/IEEE 770X3.97- 1987). VSI Pascal also meets the Federal Information Processing Standard Publication ((FIPS-109)) requirements by accepting programs conforming to the ANSI standard. VSI Pascal also accepts many features from the Extended Pascal standard ((ANSI/IEEE 770X3.160-1989) and (ISO 10206)).

The compiler has been validated for both levels of the ISO unextended Pascal standard and for conforming to FIPS109. Containing extensions to the standards, VSI Pascal generates optimized, shareable code that takes full advantage of the Alpha and Integrity hardware floating point and character instruction sets and the virtual memory capabilities of the OpenVMS Alpha and I64 Operating Systems. The language contains control statements, data types, and predeclared procedures and functions.

As a native-mode language, VSI Pascal is integrated into the Common Language Environment. This integration provides VSI Pascal users with:

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6.2-125 6.2


Integrity: per concurrent use.
Alpha: ALPHA-LP.