LibRD Kafka

LibRD Kafka

Librdkafka is a C API for interacting with Apache Kafka, an open source message broker written in Java and Scala. It aims to provide a unified, high-throughput, low-latency platform for handling real-time data feeds.

Librdkafka provides a portable C/C++ API that can be used by client applications to interact with the message broker as well as a wrapper API that makes it easier to use the API with other OpenVMS 3GL's such as COBOL, FORTRAN, Pascal, and BASIC.

The OpenVMS port includes all functionality of Librdkafka.



Here are the features:

  • Speed (faster than earlier versions of Apache AXIS)
  • Low memory footprint

Software Requirements

  • Java 1.5.0 or later
  • Must be installed on an ODS-5 volume

Latest Version

1.03-0-1 (click to download)