GNV (GNU's not VMS)


GNV (GNU's Not VMS) is an open source, GNU-based UNIX environment for OpenVMS that provides UNIX application developers, system managers, and users a UNIX-style environment on OpenVMS. This facilitates development and porting of UNIX software to OpenVMS.


GNV includes:

  • Bash is a command processor, an alternative to DCL.
  • GNU Core Utilities are basic file, shell, and text manipulation utilities such as sort, md5sum, ls, printf, etc.
  • GNU AWK is a special-purpose programming language for data reformatting.
  • GNU grep is a tool that searches a file for lines containing a match to a specified pattern.
  • GNU sed is a non-interactive command-line text editor.
  • GNU LD is a linker: it combines a number of object and archive files, relocates their data and ties up symbol references.
  • GNU AR creates, modifies, and extracts from archives.
  • Make is a building tool.
  • C Run-Time Library supplemental library to provide utilities typically found on UNIX systems.</li>

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