VSI Forms Management System (FMS)


VSI FMS is a character-cell based forms management system for interactive applications running on OpenVMS systems that use video forms as the user interface. FMS Development provides application programmers with a set of development tools to create and maintain forms-based user interfaces. FMS Run-Time provides a runtime system for displaying and managing the user interface at execution time.


  • Forms can be created and modified interactively with the interactive editing facility (FMS/EDIT), or they can be defined as a source form description with the Form Language and then converted to a form data structure using the Form Language Translator (FMS/TRANSLATE).
  • High degree of independence between form data structures and application programs.
  • FMS/LIBRARY is provided to create and maintain form libraries.
  • Form testing facility allows the application developer to display a form as an application program would, to type data into fields, and to display field Help.

Latest Version



Integrity: per active socket.
Alpha: ALPHA-LP.