Digital Test Manager (DTM)

Digital Test Manager (DTM)

The VSI Digital Test Manager for OpenVMS Alpha and I64 Systems is a regression testing tool that automates the creation and maintenance of regression tests. It also automatically compares test run results with expected test results. The VSI Digital Test Manager provides users with flexibility in organizing tests, selecting tests for execution, and verifying and reviewing test results.

The VSI Digital Test Manager enables users to store software test descriptions and related files in CMS libraries for storage efficiency.

The VSI Digital Test Manager provides an interface through callable routines, as well as through the Digital Test Manager command-line interface and the DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS Alpha and I64 interface.


With the Digital Test Manager users can perform these tasks:

  • Test batch and command line applications.
  • Create and record tests.
  • Group tests into meaningful combinations.
  • Execute specific tests, groups of tests, or combinations of groups of tests.
  • Compare the results of the executed tests with benchmark test results to determine differences.
  • View test results interactively.
  • Update benchmarks as needed.
  • Filter test results to ignore output that is expected to change for each test execution.

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The Digital Test Manager is a component of the DECset. On Integrity, the DECset requires a Concurrent Use license. On Alpha, DECset is included in the Alpha-LP license.