Distributed Queueing Service (DQS)

Distributed Queueing Service

VSI Distributed Queuing Service (DQS) uses the DECnet networking system to extend the standard OpenVMS queue system to enable users to print jobs on printers connected to systems other than their own, show the status of jobs on those systems, cancel their jobs on those systems, change the specifications of their jobs on those systems.


  • Provides an easy means of printing from systems that do not have printers.
  • Can be used in any DECnet networking environment. Both Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks are supported. DQS supports DECnet Plus full-name functionality.
  • Allows multiple OpenVMS systems to share expensive or unique printers.
  • Does not limit the users choice of printing equipment; it can work with standard OpenVMS symbionts and most user-written or user-modified symbionts.
  • If the DQS server is temporarily inaccessible when a print command is issued, the DQS client will attempt to transfer the job for printing after the DQS server again becomes available.
  • If a printer becomes unavailable, the corresponding DQS server queue can be configured to direct print jobs to a different DQS server queue.
  • DQS software can send notification to the user after a print job has been completed.
  • Additional queues can be added and queue attributes changed without reinstalling the DQS software.
  • Additional DQS nodes can be added to an existing network of DQS nodes without reinstalling the software on the existing nodes.
  • DQS software can be configured to limit access to servers.
  • DQS software can be configured to keep records of use.
  • DQS commands can be used on non-DQS queues.

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Integrity: per active socket.
Alpha: ALPHA-LP.