VSI DECset for OpenVMS is an integrated programming tool set that supports software development coding, debugging, testing, and maintenance activities.


VSI DECset for OpenVMS contains the following components:

  • The Language–Sensitive Editor (LSE) is a multilanguage programmer’s editor. Language–specific templates and online language help assist both new and experienced programmers in developing programs faster. With LSE, users can efficiently edit, compile, review diagnostic information from compilations, and correct compile time errors without exiting the editor. LSE also enables users to customize and extend their editing environment.
  • The Source Code Analyzer (SCA) aids programmers in understanding the complexities of software systems. Because it allows users to analyze an entire system, as opposed to individual modules, and it helps users understand unfamiliar systems, SCA is extremely useful during both the implementation and maintenance phases of a project.
  • The VSI Digital Test Manager for OpenVMS Alpha and I64 Systems is a regression testing tool that automates the creation and maintenance of regression tests. It also automatically compares test run results with expected test results. The VSI Digital Test Manager provides users with flexibility in organizing tests, selecting tests for execution, and verifying and reviewing test results.
  • 'The Performance and Coverage Analyzer (PCA) for OpenVMS Alpha and I64 Systems helps users pinpoint execution bottlenecks in application programs. PCA can also identify which parts of an application are not executed by a given set of test data. PCA has two components: the Collector, which gathers performance or test coverage data on the running user program; and the Analyzer, which later processes and displays the collected data. The Analyzer graphically presents information in four types of charts: histograms, tables, annotated source listings, and call trees.'
  • VSI Code Management System (CMS) provides an efficient method for storing project files and tracking all changes to those files. Code management is especially important to projects that have long life spans or several versions of the software.
  • The Module Management System (MMS) for OpenVMS Alpha and I64 Systems automates and simplifies the building of software applications, whether they are simple programs of only one or two files or complex programs consisting of many source files, message files, and documentation. MMS can optimize the build process by rebuilding only those components (and their dependencies) that have changed since the system was last built. In this way, MMS eliminates the steps of recompiling and linking modules that have not changed. MMS can automatically generate description files. Once users create a description file containing the rules describing the relationships among the components of their application and the MMS commands to build the application, MMS can build both small or large systems with a single command.
  • The tools in the DECset tool set can be used in either a workstation or character-cell terminal environment. All components include both VSI DECwindows Motif® for OpenVMS Alpha and I64 and command-line interfaces. In addition to these six tools, DECset has an Environment Manager (ENVMGR) that provides a single mechanism for tailoring the execution environment for a set of DECset tools. DECset also provides the program design facility, a set of features in LSE/SCA and the compilers, that aids in the detailed program design phase of software development.

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Integrity: per active socket.
Alpha: ALPHA-LP.