Distributed Computing Environment (DCE)

Distributed Computing Environment

Distributed computing services, as implemented in the VSI Distributed Computing Environment (DCE), provide an important enabling software technology for the development of distributed applications. DCE makes the underlying network architecture transparent to application developers. It consists of a software layer between the operating system/net work interface and the distributed application program. It provides a variety of common services needed for development of distributed applications, such as name and time services, and a standard remote procedure call interface. VSI DCE for OpenVMS VAX and OpenVMS Alpha provides a means for application developers to design, develop, and deploy distributed applications. This release supports the OpenVMS VAX, Alpha, and I64 operating systems.

VSI DCE for OpenVMS has four kits available:

  • Runtime Services Kit:
    • NTLM (Windows NT LAN Manager) security (OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.2-1 and higher only).
    • Authenticated CDS Advertiser and Client Support.
    • CDS Browser.
    • DCE Control Program (dcecp).
    • CDS Control Program (cdscp).
    • Authenticated DCE RPC runtime support (supports DECnet, TCP, and UDP).
    • RTI (Remote Task Invocation) RPC for the HP ACMSxp TP product.
    • Security Client Support.
    • Integrated Login.
    • A DCE_LOGIN tool for obtaining credentials.
    • A RGY_EDIT tool for registry maintenance functions.
    • KINIT, KLIST, and KDESTROY Kerberos tools.
    • An ACL_EDIT tool for access control lists (ACLs) for DCE objects.
    • RPC Control Program (rpccp).
    • Name Services Interface Daemon (nsid); also known as the PC Nameserver Proxy.
    • Native Kerberos support.
    • XDS Directory Services.
    • XDS Object Managment.
  • Application Developer's Kit:
    • The above contents of the Runtime Services Kit.
    • A mechanism to act as a porting aid in mapping MSRPC calls to DCE RPC calls (OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.2 and higher only).
    • Required DCE application development header files.
    • Interface Definition Language (IDL) compiler.
    • DCE IDL Compiler with C++ Extensions (Object-Oriented RPC).
    • Generic Security Service (GSSAPI).
    • LSE Templates for IDL.
    • UUID Generator.
    • .H (Include) files and .IDL files for application development.
    • Sample DCE applications.
  • DS Server Kit:
    • CDS server (cdsd)
    • Global Directory Agent (GDA)
  • Security Server Kit:
    • Security server (secd)
    • Tool used to create the security database (sec_create_db)
    • Security server administrative tool (sec_admin)

Latest Version



  • On Integrity, DCE is included in the Base Operating Environment.
  • On Alpha, DCE is included in the ALPHA-LP license.