VSI COBOL for OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS Integrity is a high-level language for business data processing that operates on the OpenVMS Operating System. VSI COBOL is based upon the 1985 ANSI COBOL Standard X3.23-1985 as modified by the X.23a-1989 amendment.


VSI COBOL for OpenVMS Alpha and I64 includes the following functionality and documentation:

  • Run-time currency sign handling compatible with the draft ANSI-2002 standard
  • Enhanced support for extended (>65,535 bytes) alphanumerics
  • Enhanced support for RMS Journaling
  • Run-time performance improvements with the reenabling of decimal shadowing
  • Unified documentation set for VSI COBOL on Alpha and I64

Software Requirements

  • OpenVMS for Integrity V8.4-2 or higher
  • OpenVMS for Alpha V8.4-2 or higher

Latest Version



Integrity: per concurrent use.
Alpha: ALPHA-LP.