VSI BASIC is a shareable language processor for the OpenVMS operating system. It can be invoked as a compiler and the resulting modules can be linked and run with standard OpenVMS commands. VSI BASIC provides high performance for application development by generating inline native mode instructions. VSI BASIC is also integrated with various programming productivity tools such as VMS IDE.


VSI BASIC is integrated into the Common Language Environment. This integration provides VSI BASIC users with:

  • Support for OpenVMS inter-language calling standard
  • Access to all OpenVMS system services
  • Callable interfaces to the OpenVMS Run-Time Library
  • Support for the Language-Sensitive Editor
  • Full access to OpeNVMS Record Management Services (RMS)
  • Extended report formatting capabilities
  • Implicit or explicit storage declaration

Software Requirements

  • VSI OpenVMS for Integrity V8.4-2 or VSI OpenVMS for Alpha V8.4-2L1

Latest Version



Integrity: per concurrent use.
Alpha: ALPHA-LP.