Archive Backup System

Archive Backup System (ABS)

Archive Backup System (ABS) for OpenVMS is a backup product that automates backup operations, provides for system archiving, and makes it easy to find files stored on tapes and disks. ABS uses the native BACKUP Utility to perform backups of OpenVMS systems. ABS saves the data as OpenVMS savesets which are stored on media that resides in an archive file system. The supported archive files systems are tapes and files-11 disks. ABS uses catalogs to keep track of where the data is stored. MDMS is the Media, Device and Management Services component of the ABS. MDMS is a Client-Server application. The MDMS Database Server manages database object access. The MDMS clients make requests to the server regarding objects. The objects are ARCHIVES, CATALOGS, DRIVES, ENVIRONMENTS, GROUPS, JUKEBOXES, LOCATIONS, MAGAZINES, POOLS, RESTORES, SAVES, SCHEDULES, SELECTIONS, and VOLUMES. Remote Device Facility (RDF) software is included within the media management software. RDF provides the ability to use a tape drive on a remote OpenVMS system.


  • OpenVMS centric backup product which makes use of the Native BACKUP Utility.
  • Automatic, flexible scheduling of backups and restores.
  • Tracks the location of data by using an Online catalog. This allows for retrieving files or restoring disk volumes without being aware of the tape volumes on which the data was saved.
  • Software encryption capability which includes encryption key management supporting both manually and automatically generated keys.
  • Both a Command Line Interface (CLI) and Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI) are available for managing the product.
  • Client/Server application.
  • Ability to manage and automate the movement of tapes within a jukebox.
  • Performs image, incremental, and selective file backups and restores.
  • Provides dynamic logicals for pre-processing and post-processing commands.
  • Error recovery and reporting capability.
  • Provides a secure data environment controlling access to data managed by ABS and MDMS.
  • Supports the use of cleaning tapes as long as their label begins with CLN.
  • Integration with Remote Device Facility. RDF allows the media manager to access a tape from other OpenVMS nodes across the DECnet or DECnet-Plus network for ABS backup and archive operations.
  • Layers upon a robust and fully tested media manager that provides the following important media and device management capabilities:
    1. Effective use of all media capacity by appending multiple save sets of backed up or archived files to the same volume or volume set
    2. Direct positioning to the start of each save set file during a restore operation using saved information about the tape position of each save set file
    3. Customization features to meet a variety of operational and site requirements
    4. Qualified for unattended backup operations using jukeboxes and tape stacker devices
    5. Media life cycle control including maintenance of volume retention period, availability status, location, and scheduling dates when volumes are to move offsite and return
    6. Maintenance of counters for each volume, noting the number of times a volume has been mounted and the number of errors associated with the volume
    7. Media allocation control based on customer defined media pools
    8. Built-in report generation and custom report generation capability
    9. Security features to prevent unauthorized media or device use
    10. In an OpenVMS Cluster environment, automatic failure recovery from the loss of a processor to allow continuous access to the media databases

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