Meet Our New Chief Architect and Strategist for OpenVMS

Apr 15th, 2024

Meet Our New Chief Architect and Strategist for OpenVMS

We are pleased to announce that Camiel Vanderhoeven, our former Senior Engineer, has accepted the position of Chief Architect and Strategist for OpenVMS at VMS Software. He will officially assume the position on June 1st this year.

As Chief Architect and Strategist, Camiel will take ownership of the OpenVMS product and its strategic direction. His responsibilities will encompass gathering product requirements through collaboration with our sales team, customers, and partners, aligning them with our business priorities, and translating them into actionable tasks for our engineering teams. Additionally, Camiel will represent OpenVMS at technical events and provide valuable insights during customer engagements.

Camiel brings a wealth of experience and dedication to this role. He has been a key figure in the development of OpenVMS as one of our most distinguished engineers, and he's an important part of the community. Camiel's profound passion for the platform, evident through his notable contributions and advocacy of OpenVMS, underscores his suitability for this critical position.

Camiel's appointment comes at a significant juncture as we navigate the transition of our customers' environments to x86 architecture. It is our hope that his leadership will instill confidence and transparency among our customers, reinforcing our commitment to their success and the future of our company.

Please join me in extending heartfelt congratulations to Camiel on his new role. We look forward to his continued contributions and the collective success of the OpenVMS platform under his stewardship.