SQL Relay Client Ported to OpenVMS I64

19 Jan 2021

SQL Relay Client Ported to OpenVMS I64

VMS Software, Inc. is happy to announce a port of SQL Relay Client API to OpenVMS I64.

SQL Relay is an open source database connection management solution that resides between your application and the database, providing functionality not typically provided by the database directly, including:

  • persistent database connection pooling,
  • proxing,
  • throttling,
  • high availability,
  • query routing,
  • query filtering,
  • query translation,
  • and connection scheduling.

Of particular interest from an OpenVMS perspective are the proxying capabilities of SQL Relay, which can be used to facilitate access to databases from unsupported platforms. Databases that can be accessed via SQL Relay using the client API include Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Firebird, and SQLite, as well as ODBC data sources. For more information see the product page.