VSI OpenVMS V9.0-E Released

16 Oct 2020

VSI OpenVMS V9.0-E Released

VSI has made available OpenVMS V9.0-E for x86. With the 14-October Release V9.0-E, there are now 30 external users testing the system.

The appliance has SSL and VSI TCPIP installed and the customer does a standard network configuration specific to their local network address. TELNET and FTP are the network applications available in this release. CSWS, FMS, and SSM kits are on the appliance and can be installed. The V9.0-E release added

  • DECthreads
  • DECnet IV
  • Improved exception handling
  • Improved system stability
  • Installation of signed PCSI kits
  • CRTL updates
  • Idle CPUs go into low power mode
  • Cross Tools Kit
  • COBOL and PASCAL updates
  • Temporary "stub" images for linking against DECwindows

More details can be found here.