VSI Announces Community License Updates

Jun 11th, 2020

VSI Announces Community License Updates

Hello VMS Nation!

As promised, here is an update on where we are with the Community License Program (or CLP as we like to call it). First the not so good news: We cannot deliver any VAX/VMS versions under this program. VAX/VMS is still an HPE product and under the terms of our agreement we cannot deliver this product.

Now the good stuff! We are well along the path of defining the program. Currently we are working out how to deliver PAKs and kits to members of the program, and once we’ve completed this task we will be pretty much ready to go. The kick-off date will to an extent be decided by the community; if there is enough demand we can get things started soon after the delivery mechanism is sorted out (remember the Hobbyist license doesn’t come to an end until December/2020).

Finally, the really good stuff! When we are ready to deliver OpenVMS 9.1 on x86 (towards the end of 2020) we are going to make this available to members of the CLP. We are already trying some very interesting (but secretive) stuff inhouse with the early versions of 9.0, and I’m sure CLP members will find even more ways of exploiting 9.1 (remember that 9.1 will not be a full fat version of OpenVMS and will not have all the functionality normally found in the OS; that will be there in 9.2).

Stay tuned.