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Welcome to the VMS Software Professional Services page. Details of our exciting new VSI Professional Services Alliance is provided here. To request any of the professional services described here, feel free to contact us at

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VSI Professional Services Alliance (VPSA)

VSI has entered into a grand alliance with the best OpenVMS professional services providers on the platform, to better address a low supply of quality OpenVMS professional services. As a result, OpenVMS customers now have access to one pool of top experts under one contract with VMS Software.

The following is an outline of the features of this alliance:

  • Best resources available on the OpenVMS platform are pooled in one place.

  • Vendors are accepted on a meritorious basis — the vendor must have an existing track record of excellence.

  • As part of VSI's due diligence, each vendor must by certified by VSI before full membership is granted.

  • Customer contract is with one party: VSI. This ensures orderly enforcement of quality rules, and ease of transaction.

  • Transacting under one umbrella allows for efficient marketing and promotion of all member services.

Sample Offerings

The following are some (but not all) of the offerings that the VPSA is already providing:

  • VSI Performance SWAT Team - advanced performance tuning for maximum performance for customers' OpenVMS applications, databases, and environments

  • Open Source Consulting - VSI's deep expertise in porting open source tools and components to OpenVMS also allows us to consult on those very same components. For example: Apache, gSoap, PHP, TCP/IP, etc.

  • Managed and Remote Administration of mission critical environments, including the highest level of care: 24x7 proactive monitoring of key system resources—we endeavor to fix the problem before it becomes a problem.

  • Federal Services, including black badge, ITAR, and US Soil support for government agencies and companies requiring compliance.

  • Legacy Services to provide long term solutions for VAX and Alpha customers, including an eventual path to modern versions of OpenVMS on Itanium or x86 (in future). We have a deep understanding of the legacy market. We can help customers finally plot a truly actionable path back to a real future.

  • Enterprise Architecture support for customers with supremely complex projects, such as migrations, that require experts who have done this sort of thing before, and know where the hidden gotchas are. This service helps customers organize and plan the project before actual execution, to ensure maximum chance of success, and manage the project during execution to keep the project on course.

Where Can I Get Service?

VSI is providing professional services to all customers across the globe. Currently, contracts will be transacted with VMS Software in the USA. By 2016, customers will be able to transact with VMS Software's European entity. Other in-country entities will follow in future.

How Can I Get Service?

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