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Welcome to the VMS Software Managed Services page. Given the scarcity of OpenVMS IT resources on the open market and the complexity of the average enterprise environment — comprised of private/public cloud, traditional architectures, and miscellaneous proprietary server platforms — customers are increasingly looking to outside service providers to assist with the management of key silos in these hybrid environmens. VMS Software offers its OpenVMS expertise to assist customer IT staff in the management of their OpenVMS silos, including how these silos interact with other parts of the hybrid infrastructure.

Service Offerings

The following are three examples of the kinds of managed services VMS Software offers to customers:

1. Remote Management
This service includes monitoring of customer servers located at customer sites or at collocated customer servers located at VSI data centers. This service includes:
      • the installation and configuration of VSI OpenVMS monitoring and administrative tools
      • creation and implementation of maintenance job schedules
      • continuous server high availability review
      • period auditing and reporting of audit findings and recommendations
      • maintenance of system/cluster configurations, and an array of other system management tasks

2. Performance Monitoring and Tuning
The VSI OpenVMS Performance Monitoring Service provides near real-time viewing of over triple the performance metrics available from T4.
      • VSI Monitoring can be purchased as a standalone service, or as a rider on a VSI support contract.
      • VSI Monitoring and Tuning Service is designed to create maximum performance and efficiency in VSI OpenVMS environments on all hardware platforms.

3. Security Monitoring
      • Protect confidential information
      • Respond to security events
      • Harden systems against potential elevated-user compromises
      • Notify of rule violations & key session activity
      • Use audit trails to correct operation errors
      • Analyze session log files
      • Log session activity

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