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Welcome to the VMS Software Application Services page. VMS Software appreciates that there are many OpenVMS customers running large, complex, business-critical, custom-written software applications. While these applications continue to function well, they are now being asked to interoperate with external systems and applications running on other operating systems.

VMS Software's Applications and Open Source Services team (App Team), the primary provider of Application Services, will help customers explore options for modernizing (“rejuvenate”) their applications so they can operate in a modern heterogeneous computing environment or take advantage of new software/hardware technologies.

Service Offerings

The following are examples of some of the services that we can provide to help you preserve and modernize your investment in OpenVMS technology:

1. Porting Lab
We provide a well-equipped porting laboratory where you can build and test your applications on OpenVMS servers and evaluate new software technologies in a secure hardware and software environment, supported by skilled OpenVMS engineers.

2. Architectural Workshop
This 1 to 3-day on-site consulting service is offered on a fixed-price basis. The main intent of the Architectural Workshop service is to:
      • Conduct in-depth discussions on the current OpenVMS environment and assist in the definition of future goals and how to achieve them
      • Provide you with information on current and future technology provided by VMS Software Inc. and its partners
      • Identify areas of further investigation that can be tested in proof of concept projects
The workshop is driven by an agenda jointly developed by you and the VMS Software Inc. consultant, and the outcomes of the workshop are documented. This service should be performed as the first stage of a larger modernization initiative, as it encompasses all facets of the IT environment under investigation. It is conducted at a relatively high level and gathers information that may be put to good use in subsequent phases of a modernization program.

3. Assessment of Current Environment
This service includes an examination of the current OpenVMS environment and provides recommendations regarding matters such as:
      • Security at the individual OpenVMS system level and across all of the IT environment, with the aim of attaining a single sign-on infrastructure
      • Analysis of current OpenVMS systems and suggestions for future configurations to cover expected increases in load
      • Backup strategies and attainment of availability goals
      • Service-level agreements between systems, internal and external

4. Introduction of new technologies into an existing OpenVMS environment
This service covers such items as:
      • Investigation of the existing OpenVMS environment and establishment of criteria for the introduction of new technologies.

 - Selection criteria for a particular technology
- Network infrastructure and ability to participate in internet and/or cloud-based environments
- Existing platform presence and future platform plans

      • Identifying core business services and mapping these to existing or modified software applications
      • Examination of existing software applications to identify components that may, with or without modification, be exposed as services to facilitate integration with other systems

5. Application Migration
This comprehensive service will help you to move your OpenVMS-based applications from VAX to Alpha, VAX to Itanium, or Alpha to Itanium-based servers, and to potentially modify these applications to participate in a modern heterogeneous computing environment. As VSI OpenVMS becomes available for x86, the same application migration services will be offered for the x86 platform.

The migration process advocates a phased approach to minimize risk and deliver the best possible solution. The migration lifecycle applied by VMS Software, Inc. can be tailored to address the specific needs of each project, and is predicated on helping you to preserve and enhance your considerable investment in OpenVMS technology.

6. Application Maintenance and Support Services
Many organizations with large custom-written OpenVMS applications no longer have sufficient software development expertise in-house to maintain and support these applications or find it difficult to find a suitably skilled service provider that is able to provide these services. VMS Software Inc. is able to provide cost-effective specialist application maintenance and support services for custom-written OpenVMS-based software applications and is able to tailor such services to meet your specific requirements.

Private Blockchain Initiative

The VSI OpenVMS operating environment is an ideal platform for blockchain technology and services. The operating system’s significant security, high availability, data integrity, and scalability are key contributions to private and permissioned blockchain implementations.

After extensive research over the last year, including interviews with Gartner and other experts, VSI is launching an initiative to provide blockchain functionality on VSI OpenVMS. Stay tuned for service announcements when available!

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