Welcome to the VMS Software Professional Services Alliance (VPSA) page. If you are a professional OpenVMS services provider, we invite you to apply for membership in the VPSA at provendor@vmssoftware.com.

VSI has entered into a grand alliance with the best OpenVMS professional services providers on the platform, to better address a low supply of quality OpenVMS professional services. As a result, OpenVMS customers now have access to one pool of top experts under one contract with VMS Software.

This powerful group of experts, along with VSI's services staff, have pooled their combined strengths and skills to shore up the platform's urgent need for OpenVMS-trained IT engineers and technicians.

Our vision is global in scope. However, vendor selection takes into account the specific needs of each locale; such as languages, local regulations, time zones, etc. At the same time, the normal complexity of selecting the right vendor is helped along by VSI—we will vet and certify each vendor. Furthermore, all customer agreements will be entered into with VSI. VSI will engage the appropriate vendor(s) as determined by customer requirements.

Membership Features

The following is an outline of the features of this alliance:

  • Best resources available on the OpenVMS platform are pooled in one place.

  • Vendors are accepted on a meritorious basis — the vendor must have an existing track record of excellence.

  • As part of VSI's due diligence, each vendor must by certified by VSI before full membership is granted.

  • Customer contract is with one party: VSI. This ensures orderly enforcement of quality rules, and ease of transaction.

  • Transacting under one umbrella allows for efficient marketing and promotion of all member services.

How can I join the VPSA?

If you would like to join our alliance of service providers, email us at: provendor@vmssoftware.com


Call us: +1.978.451.0110 ext. 1003