Professional Services

Here is what VSI Professional Services can do for your company

VMS Software Inc. (VSI) are the custodians of the OpenVMS operating system and many of its layered products. We know the operating system and products because we license, develop, engineer, and distribute them. Our Professional Services staff can leverage the expertise and skills of our engineers from every facet of the company to provide you with the best possible solutions. VSI Professional Services (VSI PS) are here to be a part of your team. We can provide you with the services you need to achieve your business goals.

While we provide many out of the box solutions such as:

  • System upgrade and configuration assistance
  • System and storage migrations
  • System tuning
  • Legacy Services

We also provide these customized services:

  • Customized Time and Materials solutions to meet your exact needs and budget
  • Managed Services
  • Staff Augmentation
  • System re-deployment
  • Discovery Services

Customized Services

We know square pegs don’t belong in round holes, so we have the flexibility to listen to your needs and provide you with what works best for your specific situation. This could be a time and materials (T&M) arrangement or a fixed price solution, or a hybrid of both.

Managed Services

Leave the driving to us. We can take over management of your OpenVMS environment. We will act as your system manager by monitoring and maintaining the day to day activities relating to your OpenVMS systems. Working with your applications and support staff, we can provide skills and capabilities that are second to none when it comes to the OpenVMS operating system. In addition to managing day to day activities we can work with your team to suggest and develop ways to enhance the operation and use of your OpenVMS environment. We provide regular reports, so you will have a precise record of all activity.

Staff Augmentation

Whether it is employee churn or business growth we can provide resources to be a part of your team without you incurring the overhead. With a worldwide team of engineers and a follow-the-sun model this is a big advantage. To have OpenVMS system engineers and support from the company that develops, maintains, and supports OpenVMS working with you to help you operate and maintain your OpenVMS environments makes sense.

Legacy Services

With our staff of experienced engineers, we can provide solutions on all versions of OpenVMS running on VAX, Alpha, Itanium, and soon x86-64. With HPE divesting controlling rights to its OpenVMS versions, VSI now has all contract renewals for all versions of OpenVMS.

Discovery Services

If you have not done business with VSI before or you need a comprehensive review of your systems, VSI has an extensive toolkit that identifies everything that your OpenVMS environment is doing from a technical systems point of view. This service will identify everything from the versions of products you are running to performing a detailed series of checks that can alert us to any deviations from best practice with regard to system parameters and other indicators. By using our discovery services, VSI will have full working knowledge of your systems and will use this knowledge to provide you with the answers you need in order to appropriately address your current and future needs.

While there are many choices in this business, we hope you will understand the value of doing business with the people that engineer, support, and develop the OpenVMS operating system and layered products. With our in-depth knowledge of the OpenVMS environment and global reach we can provide you with the services and solutions you require quickly and reliably in order to ensure that your business goals can be achieved.