Welcome to VMS Software's License PAK Redemption Site

This page is for HP customers who have purchased VSI's version of OpenVMS through HP.

To activate your OpenVMS license(s), HP customers must redeem their HP License PAK(s) for a VSI PAK(s), as described in the following process:


First, click here to download the VSI Order Information Form (PDF). You need one VSI Order Information Form per order number.

The VSI Order form is an editable PDF file. No need to print. Just fill in your information directly into the form and email the form to us in Step 3 below.



Enter your order and company information into the VSI Order Information Form using a PDF reader.

•   You only need to fill out one VSI Order form per unique HP License PAK order number— see diagram on left.
•   The company you enter into the VSI Order Information Form will be the licensee displayed on the VSI License PAK issued for this order.


EMAIL the filled out VSI Order Information Form AND the pre-expired HP License PAK(s) you received from HPE to:, or FAX to: +1 (978) 293-1713

Note. Where a license PAK provided to us includes a quantity field value that is more than 1, please let us know if the multiple value is for one server or for multiple servers.

The quantity field is shown in the diagram to the left.


VSI Response Rate.

VSI PAK redemption orders are usually processed within 3 business days. Exceptions include orders that include 10 or more PAKs, or those orders that require customer feedback.


Feel free to contact us if you have questions about your order: