VSI TCP/IP for OpenVMS, the TCP/IP stack produced by VMS Software, Inc., is the VSI implementation of the industry-standard TCP/IP protocol suite and Internet services. VSI TCP/IP takes full advantage of OpenVMS’s distinct architecture to implement lower-layer protocols such as TCP, User Datagram Protocol (UDP), and IP as executive images, focusing on minimal CPU loading and yielding peak performance. VSI TCP/IP observes close adherence to OpenVMS standards for command syntax, basic security, and compatibility with standard products.

VSI TCP/IP provides interoperability between OpenVMS and other operating systems that support TCP/IP. A comprehensive suite of functions and applications based on industry-standard protocols allow heterogeneous network communications and file sharing, IP/multicasting, dynamic load balancing, network file access, email, application development, domain name system (DNS), and network time protocol (NTP), and remote activities such as login, terminal access, printing, and client booting. VSI TCP/IP supports IPv4 and IPv6. It provides high availability, secure authentication and data transfer for remote sessions, network applications, and email.


VSI TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS V10.5 (see release notes)

VSI TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS V10.6 (see release notes)


VSI TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS V10.5

VSI TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS V10.6

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