VSI OSAP/H1 is a network communication product that connects VSI applications with shop floor devices based on the Siemens SINEC H1 communication protocol. SINEC H1 services are also identified as PG communication services in Siemens literature.

Siemens SINEC H1 is the recommended method of connecting PLCs and host computers on large configurations. It has been specified on top of the ISO/OSI Transport Layer and it is based on Ethernet to improve effectiveness (through higher performance) and efficiency (through lower costs per connection).

VSI OSAP/H1 fully supports the SINEC H1 communication protocol.

Components of OSAP/H1 include:

  • VSI OSAP/H1 Services: ** Environmental Management ** Messages ** Device Management ** Variable Access
  • Configuration and Management Facilities
  • Installation Verification Procedure (IVP)

Latest Version



Integrity: per active socket.
Alpha: ALPHA-LP.