Enhanced Password Manager

Enhanced Password Manager

The Enhanced Password Management software is provided in response to customer requests for the capability to implement additional United States Department of Defense (DoD) password requirements. The new software provides system managers and security administrators with additional assistance in defining and implementing a site-wide password policy using a password policy module. It is now possible to define password policy module that can control the following additional password characteristics:

  • The minimum number of upper-case characters in a password
  • The minimum number of lower-case characters in a password
  • The minimum number of special characters in a password
  • The minimum number of numbers in a password
  • The minimum number of categories that must be included in a password (categories include upper-case characters, lower-case characters, special characters, and numbers)
  • The minimum percentage by which a password must be changed


  • In SYS$EXAMPLES:VMS$PASSWORD_POLICY.C implementers will find a new, easily useable out-of-the-box example of a password policy written in C. An executable image, SYS$EXAMPLES:VMS$PASSWORD_POLICY.EXE, is provided for use as-is, making the password policy more accessible to more implementers.
  • A new password generator that provides mixed-character passwords. If a password policy is implemented, the mixed-character generator will generate passwords that meet the policy.
  • System managers and security administrators can use the new command procedure, SYS$MANAGER:VMS$DEFINE_PASSWORD_POLICY.COM, to configure a custom password policy. This command procedure will give these users the ability to define password-relevant system parameters, account settings, and password policy options, all in one place.
  • Support for a new optional policy_changes routine to allow the ability to verify the amount of change between the previous password and the current proposed password.


Requires no additional license