DECforms is a software product for the development and deployment of forms-based user interfaces for interactive applications running on OpenVMS systems. VSI DECforms Development (FDE) allows a form designer to create a form interactively, and the VSI DECforms Run-Time kit allows running of DECforms applications on a target or runtime node. The application program interacts with DECforms through a very simple, six-call record-level interface. Either single or multiple records can be transferred in a single request. All field-level processing is performed by the DECforms Run-Time System, not by the application program.


  • The DECforms Run-Time System provides a wide variety of form, panel, and field-level control and processing capabilities.
  • Flexible mechanism for defining functions and redefining keyboards to suit the operator environment.
  • Supports most OpenVMS data types, which means that data type conversion does not have to be performed by the application program in most cases.
  • Can be used with [Datatrieve](/products/datatrieve)>to provide powerful, window-like forms interfaces for queries and reports on data stored in RMS, Oracle Rdb, and Oracle CODASYL DBMS files.
  • Numerous internationalization features allow applications to support user interfaces in multilingual environments.

Latest Version



Integrity: FORMS and FORMS-RT (per active socket).
Alpha: ALPHA-LP.