OpenVMS for Universities: Campus-wide Software License Grant

What is CSLG?

The VSI CSLG Program provides software licenses and right to minor versions to all qualified institutions. The program consists of VSI OpenVMS operating system and layered products.

Do I qualify?

The Educational Institution may qualify for the VSI CSLG Program if it is non-profit and is lawfully operating either as an accredited college or university; a vocational, technical, or trade school system; a state or local school system, or an independent primary or secondary school exclusively for non-profit educational purposes. The Educational Institution includes only those majority owned non-profit subsidiaries that provide education and/or research. Majority owned is defined as greater than 50% ownership by the Educational Institution.

Use of VSI CSLG licenses is limited to Institutional administrative system use only. Administration computer systems are defined as computers in the Institution’s departments that are responsible for maintenance and supervision of the institution and separate from the faculty or academics. They include student affairs, financial management, physical plant management, safety and security, public affairs and general policy planning, and other such functions solely used for the operation of the institution. Research, teaching, classroom, and student use is not available under this CSLG license Agreement.

Program fees

An annual membership fee is required to participate in the VSI CSLG Program. This annual fee provides a license and the right to minor version releases for each product in the CSLG Program product portfolio for each of the servers that are part of the CSLG Program. Participation in the CSLG Program also entitles you to VMS Software, Inc. Technical Support.

Installation and Compatibility

If you are joining the VMS Software CSLG program for the first time and your system runs on HPE OpenVMS licenses, please be aware that a full software and layered product installation or upgrade to VSI OpenVMS will be required to use VSI licensing.

HPE OpenVMS licenses do not work on VSI OpenVMS versions, just as VSI OpenVMS licenses do not work on HPE OpenVMS versions. VSI licenses only work on VSI versions of OpenVMS. We do not support running VSI and HPE software on the same server. If you are running an HPE version of OpenVMS, you must upgrade to a VSI version of OpenVMS to use VSI licensing. Upgrades from HPE OpenVMS to VSI OpenVMS require planning, preparation, and skill.

In addition to fresh installations, VSI supports upgrade paths from these HPE OpenVMS operating system versions on both Integrity and Alpha:

  • For OpenVMS on Integrity, you can upgrade directly from HPE to VSI versions of OpenVMS from the following HPE OpenVMS Integrity versions: V8.4, V8.3, and V8.3-1H1. If you are running an HPE OpenVMS Integrity version earlier than version V8.3, you must first upgrade to HPE version V8.4, V8.3, or V8.3-1H1, and then upgrade to a VSI version.

  • For OpenVMS on Alpha, you can upgrade directly to VSI versions from HPE OpenVMS Alpha versions V8.4, V8.3, and V7.3-2. If you are running any other HPE OpenVMS Alpha version, you must first upgrade to HPE version V8.4, V8.3, or V7.3-2 before upgrading to a VSI OpenVMS Alpha version.

Detailed installation and upgrade materials are supplied with the VSI OpenVMS product deliverables and are included in VMS Software’s media kits (in the physical media kit and as part of the electronic media download) should you wish to perform your own upgrades or installations.

As noted above, upgrades from HPE OpenVMS to VSI OpenVMS require planning, preparation, and skill. If you are presently on an HPE version of OpenVMS, VSI Professional Services can provide you a competitive quote for assistance with the planning and work necessary to install or upgrade your HPE OpenVMS version to VSI OpenVMS so you can use your new VSI licensing. Please be aware that your support contract does not cover upgrades and installations.

Should you attempt to do the upgrade to VSI OpenVMS on your own, please make sure that you have a good backup before you start.

CSLG Products

  • C
  • C++
  • COBOL Development
  • Fortran
  • Pascal
  • ACMS Development
  • ACMS Remote
  • ACMS Run-Time
  • Datatrieve
  • DCE (Distributed Computing Environment) Cell Directory Server
  • DCE (Distributed Computing Environment) Application Developers Kit
  • Disk File Optimizer
  • Save Set Manager for OpenVMS (SSM)
  • DECdfs Full Function
  • RMS Journaling
  • Archive Backup System - Client
  • Archive Backup System - Server
  • DECset (VAXSET)
  • Code Management System
  • Language-Sensitive Editor (LSE)/Source Code Analyzer (SCA)
  • Module Management System (MMS)
  • Performance & Coverage Analyzer (PCA)
  • Test Manager (DTM)
  • DECforms Development
  • DECforms Run-Time
  • FMS Development
  • FMS Run-Time
  • GKS
  • GKS Run Time
  • TDMS (Terminal Data Management System)
  • TDMS RT (Terminal Data Management System Run TIme)
  • Reliable Transaction Router (RTR) Back End (BE)
  • Reliable Transaction Router (RTR) Front End (FE) Client
  • OpenVMS (HAOE)
  • OpenVMS Clusters
  • OpenVMS Cluster Client
  • Volume Shadowing

Apply for the CSLG License

Please provide information on your educational institution to get the license.