Code Management System

Code Management System

The Code Management System (CMS) for OpenVMS is a library system for software development and maintenance. CMS stores files called elements in an online library, keeps track of changes made to these files, and monitors useraccess to the files.


CMS enables you to store projectfiles in a central library where they are available to all project members. Some of the tasks you can perform on these files are as follows:

  • Store files (called elements) in a library.
  • Fetch elements, modify them, and test them in your own directory.
  • Control concurrent modifications to the same element.
  • Merge concurrent modifications to an element.
  • Create successive versions (called generations) of elements.
  • Compare two generations of an element within a library.
  • Organize related library elements into groups.
  • Define a set of generations of elements as a class to make up a base levelor release version of a project.
  • Track which users are working on which elements from the library.
  • Maintain a historical account of element and library transactions.

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