OpenVMS remains the operating environment of choice for enterprises that require mission critical business continuity, scalability, high availability, and uncompromising security.

The current release of OpenVMS, version 8.4-2L1 "Hudson Release," supports the latest OpenSSL standards and continues a long history of unmatched, granular security (see security details below)

All releases of VSI's OpenVMS are binary compatible with prior OpenVMS Itanium versions, allowing customers to upgrade without having to recompile or relink their applications, providing best in class total cost of ownership benefits.

See detailed QuickSpecs of VSI's versions of OpenVMS.

Current Release: VSI OpenVMS 8.4-2L1 (Hudson)

The ** Release Notes ** for Hudson can be downloaded HERE.

In true OpenVMS tradition, the latest release of OpenVMS Version 8.4-2L1 (see QuickSpec & Software Product Description) is:

   • Fully binary compatible with prior releases of OpenVMS, including
        - V8.4-2 (see QuickSpec)
        - V8.4-1H1 (see QuickSpec); and
        - HPE's version V8.4;

   • Rigorously and fully regression tested; and

   • Field tested with end customers and partners

What's New

This new release is identical to the last Maynard release of OpenVMS, except for one major difference: all components of OpenVMS that rely on OpenSSL have been upgraded to use the latest VSI SSL release, VSI SSL1 V1.0, which is an implementation of the OpenSSL V1.0.2 standard. OpenSSL is used by many operating system functions, networking products, OpenVMS layered products, and open source applications.

The prevalence of OpenSSL usage required that we release OpenVMS V8.4-2L1 in a default installation, where OpenSSL V1.0.2 is released in coordination with all software components that use it. This delivery strategy simplifies release packaging and testing—rather than burdening users with the potential complications of multiple patch kit updates.

These SSL-related software components are updated in VSI OpenVMS V8.4-2L1:

   • OpenVMS V8.4-2L1 with updates to ENCRYPT, ACME, ACMELDAP

   • VSI SSL1 V1.0


   • VMS Notary

   • CSWS (Apache)

   • Enterprise Directory (X.500)

   • WBEM

VMS Software is committed to continuing improvements to security. This release is a major step in that direction. SSL is a critical tool that processes or applications use to encrypt files and communications. The prior version of SSL used by OpenVMS was based on OpenSSL 0.9.8, an outdated standard that is rejected by a growing number of hosts, applications, and other operating systems. This update brings OpenVMS into compliance with the latest OpenSSL standard.

One more thing...

VSI is pleased to provide a new VSI-supported version of Secure Web Server (SWS) for OpenVMS based on Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4-12 from the Apache Software Foundation.

SWS V2.4-3 represents a significant update from previous versions, providing many new features and numerous enhancements including reduced memory utilization and more flexible configuration. New loadable modules provide new and enhanced functionality in areas such as session management, request filtering, rate limiting, and proxying. SWS V2.4-3 also provides improved support for the development of custom loadable modules. See details in the V8.4-2L1 Release Notes.

Detailed Software Product Descriptions (SPD)

The following are detailed SPDs for the OpenVMS Operating System and the Operating Environment:

Operating System (OS) SPD
The VSI OpenVMS Operating System SPD describes the VSI OpenVMS Operating System software for the Integrity server computer families. The SPD provides an overview of basic features of the operating system, along with interfaces and functionality available to general users as well as system managers and programmers. It also describes OpenVMS software licensing, and the Integrity server systems supported by VSI OpenVMS.   Download Latest OS SPD

Operating Environment (OE) SPD
This SPD describes the VSI Operating Environments for OpenVMS for Integrity Servers, including Operating Environment (OE) license bundles and media offerings. It describes the two-tier OE licensing model (Base Operating Environment (BOE) and High Availability Operating Environment (HA-OE)), along with media and documentation offerings. The SPD also lists the OE component products that are included with each Operating Environment.   Download Latest OE SPD

Unmatched Security

Compare OpenVMS' security vulnerability record against other operating systems at CVE Details: The following are direct links to reports for OpenVMS, Linux and Windows:












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This latest product roadmap covers 2019 through 2021, including details about the three x86 releases of VSI OpenVMS during that time period.

VSI OpenVMS for Japan

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VSI OpenVMS for Alpha Hardware

VSI has released two new versions of VSI OpenVMS for the Alpha hardware platform:

   •  VSI OpenVMS Alpha V8.4-2L1 See Press Release.

   •  VSI OpenVMS Alpha V8.4-2L2 Performance Release. See Press Release.

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