OpenVMS V9.1

The field test of OpenVMS V9.1 on x86 is open

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Welcome to OpenVMS (TM) x86_64 Operating System, Version V9.1

We are excited to announce the availability of VSI OpenVMS V9.1 for x86-64. This is the next step in the journey to migrate OpenVMS to the x86-64 platform. The V9.1 release allows you to use the operating system with some of your favorite hypervisors and includes a host of newly migrated applications.

You can participate in the field test if you are a customer or partner of VSI with a valid support contract. Please fill in this form to receive credentials for the Service Platform where you will be able to download OpenVMS V9.1 and report issues. See below for instructions on how to use the Service Platform.

To determine if your hardware can run OpenVMS 9.1, run this Python script on the hardware in question to determine whether or not you can run OpenVMS V9.1. Information on the virtual machine hosts tested by VSI is provided below and in the release notes. If you need to compile and link your source code, you will need an Integrity running OpenVMS V8.4-2L1 or higher because OpenVMS V9.1 does not have native compilers yet.

Download Script

Take a look at this video that explains how to use the VSI Service Platform to download 9.1 and report bugs. Be sure to check this web page and the VSI Service Platform periodically for updates.

The update kit, VSI-X86VMS-V91_UPD-V0200, is available on the Service Platform.

VSI$SUPPORT.COM is a script that generates reports about your system necessary for VSI Support to investigate the issue. You can get it here.

An issue with PCSI has been discovered on x86. If you try to install a product kit AFTER installing the V9.1 Update V1.0 kit, the install will fail with %PCSI-E-DNF, directory not found. There is a bug in PCSI recovery data handling on x86.

If you have already installed the Update V1.0 kit, to workaround the problem you can remove the recovery data with the DCL command $ PRODUCT DELETE RECOVERY_DATA .

If you have not installed the Update V1.0 kit yet you can avoid the problem by adding the /NO_SAVE_RECOVERY_DATA qualifier to the $ PRODUCT INSTALL command.

– log of observed error –
The following product will be installed to destination:
Portion done: 0%
%PCSI-E-DNF, directory not found
Recovery pass starting ...
Recovery pass concluded
%PCSI-E-S_OPFAIL, operation failed
%PCSIUI-E-ABORT, operation terminated due to an unrecoverable error condition

Tested Hypervisors

The hypervisors tested with OpenVMS V9.1 are listed on the right; click on the links to see their documentation. For more information on the versions, refer to the Release Notes above.