Chris Brown

Chris Brown Chris has spent over 30 years in the IT industry, including 12 years as a UK company director and 11 years working for DEC/Compaq/HP as a strategist and Director of Strategy for the DEC/Compaq/HP OpenVMS Software group.

Chris started his working life (many years ago) as an applications programmer and although he has not written any code for many years Chris still likes to think of himself as a software engineer at heart, even though much of his recent activity has been centred more around hardware technologies than software. Much of Chris' time with DEC/Compaq/HP was spent travelling the world engaging with customers, acting as an advocate for the company, a customer champion, and as a communications channel between customers and internal DEC/Compaq/HP engineering groups. Coupled with this extensive customer interaction Chris has also had numerous dealings with some of the major global IT players, including IT companies such as Oracle, EMC, Red Hat, Sun, and Microsoft, and consultancy companies such as Accenture and HP Enterprise Services (formerly EDS).

Chris has become a trusted advisor to many of the customers with whom he has interacted. The diversity of this work has helped Chris to develop a rather unique and well-balanced view of the IT industry and has also provided him with many interesting stories and fascinating encounters (some of which are even IT related).

Chris is now enjoying applying his broad experience to the development of business opportunities and the provision of strategic guidance in emerging and often poorly defined areas such as Cloud Computing and Big Data. In his spare time Chris enjoys listening to music and watching rugby.