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VMS Software, Inc. is pleased to present this webinar series for our worldwide partners, and users.

Expect dynamic updates to the schedule for new topics and dates, including followup webinars for overflow demand. Feel free to comment about the webinars on VSI's contact query form.

Our webinars will be led by Terry Holmes, VP of Sales and Marketing, with engineering input from Eddie Orcutt, VP of Software Engineering. However, presenters for each webinar will vary depending on the topic. We may invite partners and customers to present from time to time.

Webinars that are available for registration will display with clickable, blue Topics in the following table. Click on the webinar Topic to register for that event.

Date Topic Presentation Recording Notes
22-Feb-18 Webinar 1: VSI 2018 Business & Technical Update
Due to demand, Webinar 1 was repeated on 27 Feb 2018
Webinar 1 recording password: OpenVMS1
25-Apr-18 Webinar 2: Transitioning to VMS Software
The presentation and recording are now available for download.
Webinar 2 recording password: MoveToVSI1
17-Jul-18 Webinar 3: Modernizing your Alpha Systems
The recording is now available for download.
Webinar 3 recording password: pVH7jTqq

Webinar 4: Transitioning to VMS Software, Inc.
8AM EDT Session
Webinar 4 recording password: nPCkBM9G

Webinar 5: Transitioning to VMS Software, Inc.
2PM EDT Session
Webinar 5 recording password: iZrgvSj3

Webinar 6: Transitioning to VMS Software, Inc.
9PM EDT Session
Webinar 6 recording password: VwbKGAp6

Webinar 7: VMS Software, Inc. (VSI) Presents PERFDAT Webinar 7 recording pasword: bYYbdEJ8

Webinar 8: X86 OpenVMS V9.0 Update Webinar 8 recording pasword: DqCmnkM6