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OpenVMS Courses

VSI's license of HP original course materials includes all HP courseware related to OpenVMS. VSI will provide these courses plus original content to be provided in tandem with VSI's new releases of the OpenVMS operating system. We have provided HP part numbers in the course descriptions for those of you who are already familiar with HP course offerings.

The following prices are provided for individual training sessions. Group discounts are available. For more details, please contact us at

VSI Part Number Description Days HP PN Price
OpenVMS Users
TR-1UL101-VMS OpenVMS Fundamentals 5 U3716S $4,000
TR-1UL102-VMS Street Smart OpenVMS Immersion 5 NA $4,600
TR-1UL201-VMS DCL Command Procedures - Design & Implementation 5 NA $4,200
OpenVMS System Management Courses
TR-1SL201-VMS System Management I - Essentials 5 U3724S $4,000
TR-1SL202-VMS System Management II - Install/Config/Customization 5 U3725S $4,000
TR-1SL203-VMS System Performance Management 5 U3726S $4,600
TR-1SL204-VMS TCP/IP Services for OVMS 5 U3728S $4,600
TR-1SL301-VMS Managing Complex Systems 5 U3726S $4,600
TR-1SL302-VMS Internals for System Managers 5 U3729S $4,600
OpenVMS Programming Courses
TR-1PL101-VMS OpenVMS Programming Features 5 HE634S $4,600
TR-1PL202-VMS RMS Design and Performance 5 NA $4,600
TR-1PL301-VMS Internals I 5 U3719S $4,600
TR-1PL302-VMS Internals II 5 U3720S $4,600
TR-1PL303-VMS Internals III 3 U3721S $2,700
TR-1PL304-VMS Crash Dump Analysis on Integrity 5 U3723S $4,600