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DCL Command Procedures - Design & Implementation TR-1UL201-VMS
Price: $3,700.00 / 5 days
Format: Lecture Lab
Course Description:
This course starts with the basic components of command procedures and builds to describe the extensive capabilities available within command procedures.
OpenVMS System Managers, Programmers, and Advanced Users
Students should have previously taken a course addressing OpenVMS DCL user skills or have equivalent experience.
Course Objectives:

The course identifies how symbols are used as variables within command procedures, their scope, operators, and substitution characteristics. Students will be exposed to conditional processing and looping. The course presents design considerations for developing clean and effective command procedures. The design considerations will focus on preserving the user environment, while still having the flexibility to change the operating environment of the command procedure. Lexical functions and escape sequences will be described in relation to strings and string manipulation. The course describes the vast amount of information that is available on processes, the system, devices, files, and queues using lexical functions.
Students are introduced to RMS utilities and programming techniques used in accessing indexed files and files with different record formats. Perhaps most importantly, the course addresses how to program and illustrates many advanced programming techniques.

Next Steps:

Performance Management;

Internals for System Managers;


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