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Street Smart OpenVMS Immersion TR-1UL102-VMS
Price: $4,000.00 / 5 days
Format: Lecture Lab
Course Description:
This course presents the system engineer who is new to OpenVMS with the core information and essential skills needed to both configure and examine the system, including both the software and hardware configuration.
System Administrators looking to quickly gain a working knowledge of OpenVMS
Basic knowledge of computer use and terms; Familiarity with another OS would be helpful
Course Objectives:

The course provides the following skills and information:

   Describe and use OpenVMS commands
   Manipulate, and manage files
   How to tailor the user environment
   The command line interface
   Develop basic command procedures
   Manage volumes on OpenVMS
   Install and Update the OpenVMS operating system
   Install layered products
   Manage and use the network
   Start up and shut down the system
   Backup and restore system and user data
   Use various system utilities

Next Steps:

Managing Complex Systems;


Performance Management

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