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System Management I: Essentials TR-1SL201-VMS
Price: $3,500 / 5 days
Format: Lecture Lab
Course Description:

This course provides the system manager who is going to manage an OpenVMS system or cluster the core information and essential skills needed to examine the system, the software and hardware configuration, and the administrative setup already in place. System managers who take over existing systems must first concern themselves with knowing how to find out what devices exist, what the system resources are, what programs run, who the users are, and what kind of overall administrative processes and procedures exist. Then they must be able to assess what they find and make modifications. HP Course ID: U3724S


This course is designed for system managers who are new to OpenVMS or OpenVMS system management and who need the skills to manage an existing system.


Completion of the OpenVMS Fundamentals course (TR-1UL101-VMS)

Course Objectives:

- Describe and use OpenVMS commands to display information about the following key OpenVMS concepts: the hardware/software environment, processes, memory management, logical name translation, and the system disk structure
- Manage public and private volumes on OpenVMS
- Start up and shut down the system
- Manage user accounts
- Get the network up and running
- Manage batch and print queues
- Back up and restore system and user data

Course Outline:

System Environment Concepts
- OpenVMS cluster concepts
- Logical names
- Accessing data on disk

Volume Management
- Understanding volumes
- Displaying device information
- Verifying the integrity of the file system
- Disk fragmentation
- Managing volume shadowing

System Startup and Shutdown
- System boot process
- Console concepts
- Conversational boot
- System startup
- Shutting down the system

User Management
- Planning user accounts
- Authorize utility
- Account flags
- Privileges and quotas
- Managing accounts
- System interactions
- Security considerations for user management
- User management aids

Process Management
- Process review
- Overview of memory management
- Managing processes
- Displaying memory information

Network Management
- Networking environment
- Using LANCP to view network information
- TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS
- Managing TCP/IP
- Viewing network information
- Starting and stopping TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS

Queue concepts
- The job control process
- Queue manager
- Batch queues
- Managing print queues
- Autostart queues
- Managing batch and print jobs
- Logical queues
- Queue request communication

Backup Management
- Backup concepts
- Backup types
- Managing tape volumes
- Backup interfaces
- Backup operations

System Administrative Tasks
- Using the SYSMAN utility
- Using the Accounting utility
- Monitor utility
- Device errors
- Security audit reports
- Communicating with users

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