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OpenVMS Internals III

Price: $2,400 / 3 days
Format: Lecture Lab
Course Description:
This course is designed to provide a detailed look at the various components, data structures and mechanisms used to implement the OpenVMS operating system. Topics include memory management and Files-11. The materials will include SDA displays from live systems and kernel mode programs, in addition to the usual flow descriptions and data structure diagrams. HP Course ID: u3721s
- OpenVMS System Managers
- OpenVMS System Programmers
- OpenVMS Programming Features
- The ability to read Macro
- Ability to program in the C Language
- OpenVMS Internals I and II courses
- or equivalent knowledge
Course Objectives:

The primary objective of the course is to give the student a living big picture of the operating characteristics and the interrelationships of the major OpenVMS subsystems. The majority of code will be presented in the C language.

Course Outline:

Image Activation

- Memory Management Concepts
- The Process Header
- Image Activation
- Image Activation and Paging
- Clustering on Pagefault Reads

Paging Dymanics and Structures

- Evolution of a Page Table Entry
- Sections
- The Working Set List
- The PFN Database
- The Free Page List
- The Modified Page List
- Page Files
- Page File Internal Support
- Swapper Related Activities

Global Paging

- Shared Images and Global Sections
- Global Section Dynamics
- Shareable Image Issues
- Fixup Sections
- OpenVMS Shareable Images
- Known Files
- The System Header

Memory Management: "Big Picture" Review

- Three-Level Address Translations
- Image Activation
- Making a Page Valid
- A Page on the Free or Modified Page List
- Page File Interval Support
- A Page No Longer In Memory
- Swapping Related Structures
- The System Header
- Working Set Slots


- Files-11 Concepts
- File Header
- The Files-11 Reserved Files

XQP Switches

- The Extended QIO Procedures
- File Open Related Data Structures
- Data Structures Relateing to Mounted


- Contiguity and the File System
- File System Caching Parameters

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