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RMS Design and Performance TR-1PL202-VMS
Price: $4,000 / 5 days
Format: Lecture Lab
Course Description:
This course is designed to expand on the common level of RMS knowledge. RMS structures and utilities are examined in light of performance issues and file troubleshooting. Indexed files are covered thoroughly and the meaning of OpenVMS produced statistical output is discussed. File sharing and locking, and optimizing file performance are addressed. Programming considerations will be discussed based on the interest and background of the students attending the course. This course addresses RMS features and changes implemented in the most recent release of OpenVMS.
OpenVMS System Managers and Programmers
Before taking this course, students should be able to:

   Perform operational system management of OpenVMS systems and clusters
   Write basic DCL Command Procedures using Lexical functions

Optionally read/write C/C++ programs using structures and pointers (these skills are only necessary for the optional programming discussion).
Course Objectives:

The course provides administrators and programmers with the details of RMS in order to understand, optimize, and tune, their disk files

Next Steps:

Performance Management;

Internals for System Managers;


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