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Welcome to the official site for OpenVMS™ training.

As you may already know, OpenVMS training will now be provided by VSI, rather than HP. Just as the VSI engineers are hard at work propelling VMS into the future, VSI training is striving to bring you new and exciting course options, while still keeping the traditional OpenVMS courses and delivery methods available.

Click here for current course descriptions. Check back often (or request notification) as offerings, schedule, and certification requirements will be changing rapidly. The best way to prepare your technical personnel for current and future OpenVMS developments is through this VSI training website. As the OpenVMS system is being transformed, the training and documentation will be transformed along with it.

Please contact us at, for specific information regarding signing up for scheduled training, customized on-site training, notifications, and other options.

We thank you for your interest in OpenVMS training through VSI.


VSI has licensed all HP course materials. Additional original course content will be added by VSI and its partners going forward.


Our course schedule will address your OpenVMS needs regardless of your location, or climate for that matter.


Select your course and fill out an online form to register. VSI will contact you, upon receipt of the form, to confirm your course registration.